We offer several shipping options

Ground Shipping

We work with several ground shipping services that will bring your baby right to your door. Costs varies depending on mileage and if they are making a special trip or if there are other dogs traveling. Ranges from $300 to $1000 depending on distance.

Air Shipping

With this option, your baby will travel by air in a kennel in the cargo hold of the plane. This is the most affordable option and is very common and safe. It usually runs about $300 to $450 anywhere in the US. Although if you research it online, there is a small percentage of accidents or pups that don’t make it, so it is not without some small risk

Flight Nanny

There are services that provide a person to fly your baby and hold them in their lap inside the plane. Sometimes I can personally flight nanny your baby, and there are also services that offer it. Usually around $500

TLC Flight Nanny

Personal Delivery

Depending on the distance and if my schedule allows, I will deliver your baby or meet you half way. The cost will be what it costs in diesel fuel to get there, plus a small fee for my time.